Guild Wars 2 Rules


Ill Omen is a laid back guild. We don’t ask for 100% rep; we don’t require you to come to every event. That does make our few rules very important. Please read and follow them:

  • Nontoxic Behavior
    • Any toxic behavior towards any other guild as well as any players will not be tolerated. Keep in mind a lot of our interactions are in text, and tone cannot be conveyed in text.
  • Maturity
    • While we want everyone to have fun and enjoy the game, we’re looking for members who are aware of how their comments/actions affect those around them. This means you’re willing to:
      1. Treat others with respect.
      2. Own up when you make mistakes and forgive someone who owns up to their mistakes.
      3. Accept another member’s choice if they don’t want to be your friend.
      4. Keep personal conversations within party / whisper chat. We don’t care how old you are, just how mature.
  • Responsible Language
    • Guild Chat is a loose PG-13; while we are not strict about cursing, excessive cursing will not be tolerated. Sexualized talk is unacceptable. Our Discord is not PG-13, it is whatever is appropriate for the people and ages involved (ex: Guild events should be more reserved than hanging out with friends late night).
  • Issues Between Guild Members
    • If you have a problem with a member of the guild, talk it out with them first. If you can not resolve the issue, please contact an Officer. Have screenshots readily available if you wish to make a complaint about another member. If the incident took place in Discord, make note of others in the channel as they may be asked to verify your complaint.
  • Promotions
    • To move from Recruit to Member, you must simply be active in the game for 2 weeks. Further advancement is based on representation and interaction with the guild.

Last Revised February 5, 2018